Bulletstorm (PlayStation 3)

Producent: People Can Fly
Wydawca: Electronic Arts Inc.
Polski wydawca: Electronic Arts Polska
Data premiery: 2011-02-22

Trofea do zdobycia: 43x5x3x1x

Dead Echo platinium trophy

Dead EchoAcquire all trophies in Bulletstorm

Blood Symphony gold trophy

Blood SymphonyComplete the Campaign on Very Hard Difficulty

Golden Idol gold trophy

Golden IdolPerform every Single Player Skillshot in the game

Hoarder gold trophy

HoarderHave a total of at least 150,000 points in Echoes Mode’s total high score

Brutal Chorus silver trophy

Brutal ChorusComplete the Campaign on Hard Difficulty

Master of Disaster silver trophy

Master of DisasterEarn 2,000 points or more at once

Pest Control silver trophy

Pest ControlDestroy all Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign

Supernova silver trophy

SupernovaGet 3 stars on each of the first 14 Echoes

Total Malfunction silver trophy

Total MalfunctionDestroy all Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign

All Bow To Heavy Metal bronze trophy

All Bow To Heavy MetalBig head, big headache

Anarchy Master bronze trophy

Anarchy MasterAchieve a score of at least 50,000 as a team in Anarchy mode

Armed and dangerous bronze trophy

Armed and dangerousGrow as a person, experience betrayal. Again.

Big Cheese bronze trophy

Big CheesePerform 50% of the Single Player Skillshots

Bounty Hunter bronze trophy

Bounty HunterHave a total of at least 75,000 points in Echoes Mode’s total high score

Celebrity bronze trophy

CelebrityPerform 75% of the Single Player Skillshots

Chop-Chopper bronze trophy

Chop-ChopperKill the enemy inside the airborne helicopter in the park

Damsel in Distress bronze trophy

Damsel in DistressRescue the princess

Destroyer of Worlds bronze trophy

Destroyer of WorldsCause major destruction

Destructive Beat bronze trophy

Destructive BeatComplete the Campaign on Very Easy or Easy Difficulty

Disco Inferno bronze trophy

Disco InfernoKill all enemies without leaving the dance floor in the city outskirts

Enforcer bronze trophy

EnforcerGet at least 15,000 points in one Echo round

Environment Master bronze trophy

Environment MasterPerform every Anarchy environmental Skillshot

Final Echo bronze trophy

Final EchoAchieve level 65 in Anarchy mode

Fits Like a Glove bronze trophy

Fits Like a GloveMeet your new best friend

Grilled Meat bronze trophy

Grilled MeatPrepare a big meal using an improvised electric stove

Guerrilla Tactics bronze trophy

Guerrilla TacticsExecute at least 25 different Skillshots in one Echo round

Halfway There bronze trophy

Halfway ThereGet at least 21 stars in Echoes Mode

I might be late bronze trophy

I might be lateKill all enemies during the sprint to the jumpship

Insecticide bronze trophy

InsecticideDestroy 50% of the Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign

Just one last thing bronze trophy

Just one last thingKill all enemies before you reach the escape capsule

Like A Boss bronze trophy

Like A BossDefeat a miniboss in Anarchy mode

Major Malfunction bronze trophy

Major MalfunctionDestroy 50% of the Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign

Minced Meat bronze trophy

Minced MeatTake out the Mall’s biggest customer

No Man Left Behind bronze trophy

No Man Left BehindKill all enemies while escaping from the collapsed building

Old School bronze trophy

Old SchoolFinish an Echo round without executing a single Skillshot

Om Nom Nom! bronze trophy

Om Nom Nom!Feed a flytrap with a Nom parasite

Patched Up bronze trophy

Patched UpReceive a software update for your leash

Pointless bronze trophy

PointlessExecute at least 10 Headshots before you find the first DropKit

Red Barrels bronze trophy

Red BarrelsExplode all the red barrels on the rooftop while in a helicopter

Remembrance bronze trophy

RemembrancePlay three different Echoes

Shooting Star bronze trophy

Shooting StarGet at least 1 star on each of the first 14 Echoes

Size Matters bronze trophy

Size MattersUse your biggest weapon

Somebody bronze trophy

SomebodyPerform 25% of the Single Player Skillshots

Space Pirate bronze trophy

Space PirateDrink at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign

Star struck bronze trophy

Star struckGet 3 Stars on 10 different Echoes

Stowaway bronze trophy

StowawayCatch a ride

Straight Edge bronze trophy

Straight EdgeDestroy at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign

Team Player bronze trophy

Team PlayerComplete 200 team challenges in your career in Anarchy mode

Violent Melody bronze trophy

Violent MelodyComplete the Campaign on Normal Difficulty

Wannabe bronze trophy

WannabePerform 10 different Single Player Skillshots

Weed Killer bronze trophy

Weed KillerTidy up the back yard

Barber bronze trophy

BarberKill an enemy by thumping them into a helicopter in the Mini City map

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